Monday, May 26, 2014

T J L and a Playwriting Festival Workshop

I'm not putting his name here in case he doesn't want me to, but he gave me an idea. He told me to possibly produce my stuff myself. 

What if I started a women's playwriting festival/workshop for the Kansas City area? Or, maybe I'm being too narrow limiting it to women, is there a playwriting festival/workshop, even? I could rent a cheap place, everyone could submit their work, we could read it, maybe organize guest speakers? Talk about writing? Be nerdy and terrible together? Hell, watch "Waiting for Guffman". 

Can't sleep. Damn friends. 

Where would be the target audience?
How could I advertise for submissions?
How could I get young people involved?
What could I charge to defray cost of rental space?
What is best time of year?
What is best day of week?
Workshop format. 
Invite people from local Theatres?
Have advertising from local Theatres?
Move it from venue to venue from year to year?

1 comment:

  1. Alll good questions!! Now go to work on those answers.